High-Speed Railway (HSR) Construction by Country (1965-2019)
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Until this year I thought the train was the transportation of the past.

But trains are the cheapest form of long-range transport on land as they are electric that don’t need heavy batteries.
The largest competitor to the train is the ship.
Ships can carry lots and lots of containers and don’t need any kind of road maintenance.
The only two disadvantages of ships are that they are slow moving and the fact that they can only be cheaper when the cost of gasoline/diesel/bunker fuel remains low.

Just being curious, what did you think last year would be the transportation of the future, and why?


The dominant transportation of today, ever larger container ships.

They can carry more than any other vehicle by far and don’t need to pay for road maintenance. Not to mention, you don’t need to cross in-between-nations borders that might ask for exuberant custom fees, go into civil war, go to war with you, etc.

Considering what muricans are playing with, most likely brahmins.

Gasoline? I thought large ships run on diesel?

Either way, both come from crude oil so I guess it doesn’t matter that much.


Sorry diesel or bunker fuel.
Either way, it all comes down to oil.

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The more you know! Another reason why capitalism needs to end asap.

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