Dianectical materialism?! Is that scientology meets marxism?


removed by mod

Maybe they’re a Marxist named Diane that’s into Dialectical Materialism lol

Still waiting for Dielectric Materialism

Marxism 2: Dielectric Boogaloo

St. Vitus discoteque: electric materialism.


I see that even in these dark times, we have not lost the r/genzedong shitposting touch

It’s been hard after the fall of chapos. We live in the post posthoggesian wilderness.

me transfixed by the disco elysium style art

Logic: surely a true Mazovian would know the green parties aren’t the cause of the knock on effects of the Russian operation.

Shivers: you hear the distant sound of a sausage grinder reving up

God I hope not. Hopefully it’s just a funny name and not serious.

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