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@bidetmarxman: A few hours ago, the pressure in Nord Stream 2, the undersea gas line connecting Russia and Germany, plummeted and began leaking gas bubbles into the Baltic sea near the Danish island of Bornholm. 🧵...…

of course, i mean as the breaking point approaches it will get progressively worse and worse. regarding US collapse: me neither, but what’s happening in europe will probably in many ways mirror what could happen in a US collapse, this is what i mean by a prequel. wildly increasing cost of living and consumption, unrest, and a surge in both communism and fascist reaction to varying degrees.

What’s happening in Europe is happening specifically for the purpose of slowing down or abating US collapse. For a proper collapse there needs to be a crisis in leadership and military support of non-government forces (as was the case with Bolsheviks for example). I see neither in USA right now. Sure, the talking heads change, but the apparatus behind them stands solid. And military supports it, as do intelligence agencies

yeah i mean i agree with you given the situation as it stands now. the issue is what will happen when either it has no more “allies” to cannibalize or the world is thrown into a third world war. as it loses imperial domination and the cheap labor/materials from that, it will also lose its grip on its own national integrity. again, i’m not saying collapse is going to happen tomorrow, i’m saying that whenever it does, it may look very similar to what might happen in europe this winter and in that sense i see europe as a prequel.

What’s happening in Europe is happening specifically for the purpose of slowing down or abating US collapse

100%. It’s imperialism, slowly losing its ability to plunder abroad, turning inwards and pushing what was always inevitable - the exploitation of Europe and everyone outside the most inner core of US empire.

And that’s what worries me - the Empire had survived by plunder for quite a while. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect the current plunder to not prolong its life.

I understand that it sounds defeatist, but I am merely urging against unnecessary optimism.

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