His announcement comes on the same day Russia annexed Ukrainian territory.

This fucking worm is going to kill us all.

How does this look if NATO says no? If they say yes, that means the U.S. and its puppets are officially at war with Russia! Holy fucking shit!

Hopefully they just sweep it under the fucking rug and continue losing a war of attrition rather than bring nuclear apocalypse down on us.


hit a comrade w a source pls, closest thing I could find is SStoltenberg saying they’re gonna vote on it

Sources are varied;

The White House says that Now is not the time for the process of Ukraine’s admission to NATO, “it should be taken up at a different time” — White House

NATO will not participate in the war in Ukraine, because “the war will end before Ukraine goes through all the necessary procedures to join the Alliance” - adviser to the head of the President Zelensky Office Mikhail Podolyak

I think I had more, seems ASB Mil (the only Telegram channel I can tolerate because they don’t spam news every second) deleted some of their messages.

From the “unprecedented” statement NATO gave also I don’t see anything about allowing Ukraine in (just saying Ukraine is allowed to apply), but I didn’t read all the questions and answers.


Thanks comrade. It’s incredible how demeaning NATO is being and how absolutely cucked Zelensky and co. are. Like “hey there little buddy, it’s cute and all you wanna join our club and you TOTALLY can after the war’s over – which it’s gonna be over soon, we pinky promise. Hold on tight til then, champ?”

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