His announcement comes on the same day Russia annexed Ukrainian territory.

This fucking worm is going to kill us all.

How does this look if NATO says no? If they say yes, that means the U.S. and its puppets are officially at war with Russia! Holy fucking shit!

Hopefully they just sweep it under the fucking rug and continue losing a war of attrition rather than bring nuclear apocalypse down on us.

Yeah, saw this on twitter. So many Libs praising Ukraine for being so strong and that their application should be fast tracked.

Others saying NATO should feel lucky Ukraine wants to join them; it’s a privilege, really. Some even stating that NATO should join Ukraine. Absolute brain worms.

It makes me so angry but also scares the shit out of me that my country, Canada, is part of NATO. Which isn’t shocking as we try to please the US as much as possible, plus after WWII the Canadian government basically welcomed Nazis, specifically from the Ukraine, with open arms. I was, and still am, hopeful for some type of communist movements, but with the US right fucking there and with all the bullshit this nation has pulled without its own citizens even knowing? My outlook it unfortunately bleak.

I don’t know where we’re headed but I’m feeling very pessimistic…

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