How are other countries, like Ireland, not popular on the internet?

Ireland is a weird example, considering it’s size (also isn’t it part of the west?) But briefly:

  • Most of the internet and it’s platforms were invented or first adopted in the west
  • Most of the internet is english and started as practically 100% english

China has had some massive platforms for example, but they’ve always been china-exclusive.

  • Most of the internet is english and started as practically 100% english

Is there anyway to fix this issue?


Lots of tightly integrated ML translation. Loomio for example is interesting in that regard as it has a button on every post to automatically translate it to the browser language of the user. The problem is that currently this space is dominated by the google translate API and the AWS equivalent, but libretranslate is making slow progress as a viable alternative.

Why is that an issue?

Because majority of the population in the world aren’t speaking English.


What’s the solution to that? Move to Mandarin which has the most speakers but far, far less countries with many people fluent in it? Somehow make a conlang like Esperanto popular enough that billions of people learn it? Move to Spanish which is basically just the same issue with a different language?

redacted: already been answered in the other reply-chain

But it is still the language understood by the biggest chunk of people on the planet, compared to any other language. I guess we need to implement auto-translation into apps to reach a broader audience than english speakers

It’s understood by only a slightly bigger chunk of people on the planet than Mandarin, while over 6 billion people don’t speak it at all.

What is your point? If we want to use a single language for simplicity, English is the best option, when targeting a more diverse audience than just China. For everything else we need multi-lingual apps, which either segregate their userbase by language or use translation software (Which many international services already use, e.g. Facebook)

More than 70 countries have officially incorporated Chinese language teaching into their national education systems, and as China becomes ever more important globally that trend will increase. Especially, thanks to projects like BRI that will create economic ties with many countries around the globe. So, Chinese is definitely becoming a language that audience outside China speaks and especially the audience in global south.

My point is that English managed to become the dominant language on the internet because rich western countries have been the ones where most people with internet access were where most people know at least some English. This is not the case for the rest of the world population.

English does have the advantage of being the language predominantly used on the internet, but that could easily change as more countries become widely connected.

I agree that automatic translation could be a solution in the future, although I find these things are still imperfect.

So are you arguing that it would be better if Chinese was the lingua franca of the internet instead of English? Or are you proposing some other solution?

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