In Serbian news channel they talked about it and glorified him about how he was ‘‘good tsar who did good things’’ etc etc. Didn’t this guy like commit genocide in Circassia and sold Alaska if I remember correctly? Can someone tell me more about him and why is he glorified?

I miss Leningrad so goddam much☭😭

There are times when things are just done the way they are done and they can’t be done any other way. Sure, he taxed people and suppressed rebellion. Like all the other monarchies at the time. But unlike other monarchs he was also a competent individual who did things that depended on him extremely right. He literally paved the way for Russia to be a world power instead of being colonized by Europeans. He created powerful military, he created the fleet, he defeated local enemies and he restored order to the otherwise chaotic country. He created education, he promoted science. The list goes on and on. Of all the monarchs that were here he was the one fondly remembered throughout the history and the one soviet propaganda also treated positively.


Exactly right. We need to remember (as per basic dialectical materialism) that the level of social development can never be higher than the level of economic development. To have a full representative democracy, with universal suffrage and equal rights before the law, was simply not possible given a 17th-century level of production.

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