so sick of the ban wave… literally can’t even talk to someone on reddit without them also being banned, had my last alt for like a week and maybe 10 people got permanently suspended literally while I was talking to them, mostly very polite interesting people. one was a super long very calm somewhat humorous debate about WW2 history and just as we start to agree, poof he’s banned. I want to give reddit credit and assume it was for something on another sub, but im guessing they just mistook one of his comments about the war as a “call for violence” or some bullshit and banned him.

I hate most social media these days, since ukraine. I never really liked reddit but I kinda got into it because of chapo , then I found you guys when they got banned but then you got banned too so wtf… there’s not even a new replacement sub, why bother they’d just be banned right? I hate facebook, twitter, imgur, i don’t take photos of my lunch so ive never even been on snapchat or instagram. I miss revleft (if anyones old enough to remember them?)

I’m just done with reddit any social media you guys can recommend where I dont have to stick to 144 words, or just post photos?

Johnny Mojo

Write a blog with open comments and an rss feed.

That might be fun, I don’t even know how to get started with that, any tips or advice?

Johnny Mojo

I found this: WriteFreely that might be interesting. It’s a self-hosted blogging platform that federates through ActivityPub to any compatible federated service like Mastodon.

Johnny Mojo

Get a cheap computer, turn it into a web server, install wordpress, get a static ip and a domain name. Lots of tutorials online, especially for GNU/Linux and Raspberry Pi. A Raspberry Pi can be had for about 50 bucks, a static ip and domain name should run about 25-30 per year. You can also use any old computer you have lying around, just install Debian server or Rocky Linux. For a static ip and domain name I’ve had good experience with Best of luck!

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