are you insane?! you can clearly see a uniformed person goes out of the gate, kick the sign, drag someone and the crowd storm to prevent the kidnap, which does happen.

whatch your first video ten times as you clearly have vision problems.

and another angle for anybody who had any doubts https://twitter.com/CurtExplores/status/1582646520738123777

thanks for proving the kidnap yet again.

this video is after the guy drags the victim inside. on the second angle you can clearly see the person running clashes with the guard behind the gate column and he is pushed while still dragging someone with his left arm.

even with all the chosen angles and rapid confusing cuts, it’s still obvious.

man you are really giving them value for the money 五毛党.

The most hilarious part about this is that you’re lying about something that we can see happening completely differently on video. 😂

As soon as someone disagrees with you on a country you hate, you resort to calling them ableist insults. Nice.

whatch your first video ten times as you clearly have vision problems

Maybe follow your own advice?

Master of debate and rhetoric ladies and gents

lol. ok. I’m convinced you are either a professional entertainer or 14.

a self referential comment I see

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