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How would you reply to Lenin in this situation? I created him (with character.ai) and I’m now losing against him

anti-materialist Lenin isn’t real he can’t hurt you


Lenin, famous for basing his opinions on feelings rather than anhthing scientific

I would say that AI Lenin™’s last reply makes some sense, but Real Lenin™ would also realize that this was a temporary evil required to get access to foreign technology and to prevent imperialists from destroying the country, and that the current leadership is heavily reigning in the economic power of capitalists. In summary, AI Lenin™ is too dogmatic and not lifelike, 2/10


The “bargain” as its called, is that Chinese workers in the special export zones accept limited exploitation, in exchange for technology and expertise, which can then be used by their own state-run companies. That strategy has worked, whereas nearly all other global south countries are stuck in the “low-wage trap”, China has escaped it by using that technology and science learned within these SEZs to benefit the people.

Even real Lenin did recognize this, and AI Lenin is wrong here:

Get down to business, all of you! You will have capitalists beside you, including foreign capitalists, concessionaires and leaseholders. They will squeeze profits out of you amounting to hundreds per cent; they will enrich themselves, operating alongside of you. Let them. Meanwhile you will learn from them the business of running the economy, and only when you do that will you be able to build up a communist republic. Since we must necessarily learn quickly, any slackness in this respect is a serious crime. And we must undergo this training, this severe, stern and sometimes even cruel training, because we have no other way out.

You must remember that our Soviet land is impoverished after many years of trial and suffering, and has no socialist France or socialist England as neighbours which could help us with their highly developed technology and their highly developed industry. Bear that in mind! We must remember that at present all their highly developed technology and their highly developed industry belong to the capitalists, who are fighting us.

We must remember that we must either strain every nerve in everyday effort, or we shall inevitably go under.

Also this one is very worth reading:

The tax in kind.

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and has no socialist France or socialist England as neighbours which could help us with their highly developed technology and their highly developed industry

Man, imagine if the 1918-1919 revolution in Germany had succeeded in installing a Marxist government. We’d be living in a whole different world.

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