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Some RT Journalist (Anton Krasovsky) made some insane statements saying “brainwashed ukrainian children should be drowned and burned” or killed in some other ways. (source, it’s the first one I found with english subs. sorry if it’s shit.)

The guy legit sounds like a psycho. Why do they put such comically evil and unstable people on TVs and let them broadcast “public opinion”? Good job giving Western media more propaganda fuel RT!

He’s been suspended and some response has been made but the damage is already done. Don’t care that he “apologized”. One of CPRF deputies compared him to Hitler lol.

There’s plenty of grounds for legal action but I think everyone knows what someone like him really deserves. His remarks are being investigated by authorities.

Given his background (he’s openly gay) tho I feel like this case could’ve been an attempt at a psyop. (Talking about how it may have been related to recent anti-LGBT lawsuits. See this telegram post for explanation. Not saying I agree with it, it’s just sus. Why am I always forced to bring up this topic lmao)

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