That’s an interesting point. I’m curious as to how a person can teach that skill (rolling onto their back) to a dog while conveying the context of sexual self-defense. I recognize dogs are intelligent but there are obvious communication barriers that would make it hard to explain when to do it, and your argument relies on it being a skill that needs to be taught.

As an aside, I (naīvely) think the sterilization policy is less about rape and more about breeding. Also, it depends on region as many countries have pet dogs and cats as introduced species which are dangerous to wildlife and potentially people, so them being able to breed unregulated is controversial.

Of course, the debating the ethics of denying an animal the ability to reproduce, and of introducing a species purely for pet ownership are absolutely relevant, but I suppose for another post.

I’m curious as to how a person can teach that skill (rolling onto their back) to a dog while conveying the context of sexual self-defense.

It’s a natural instinct for most. They also kick with their hind legs, right in the dude’s balls. 😉

It’s not so much training as reinforcement through praise. They have to know that you, the teacher/leader picked a side, and that the male’s behavior was bad, and the female’s behavior was good. That is very easy to communicate.

As for those who don’t possess that natural instinct, they can learn by watching others. This is why socialization of females in heat is a far better (and more cost effective) way of preventing unwanted births than sterilization surgerys.


It’s interesting you bring up socialization, I’m not used to seeing pets socialized except maybe a walk in public. Of course it seems so obvious how healthy that is when pointed out but I guess it’s not normalized at least where I am. (Honestly, if half the people treated children like they treat the pets they love, they would be in jail for abuse.)

Yes, it’s especially true in my locality where there is actually a larger population of dogs than there is children. And the amount of money they spend on sterilization surgerys is insane. Then there’s the doggy jails. If they just created recreation centers and community training classes it would cost far less, be more effective, and oh yeah, actually be ehtical too.

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