You've Never Had an Original Thought (Media Manipulation and "Freedom" of the Press)
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Hakim continues to knock it out of the park. This time covering the corruption, hypocrisy, and failing of capitalist media.

just want to clarify that it wasn’t exactly mango press making that specific argument, but someone in telegram comments. and, the argument wasn’t that his english was fluent, but that he used specific idioms that only an american would use. mango press did make the argument that only a US citizen would be eligible for student loans.

That’s insanity coming from a place like mango press that focuses so much on other countries. These people do realize how most young people around the world learn English right? It’s 80%+ pop culture and consuming stuff that comes from the US/Britain. My longest relationship was with a girl from Italy who’s parents didn’t even speak a word of English and she was 10x more well versed in American pop culture and popular sayings than I am as an American myself. Even Yugopnik himself has said he basically taught himself English through American movies and video games.

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