What would make him more “tankie” may I ask?

Idk maybe not saying the classic “both sides” about the Ukraine war


I mean I guess there is a distinction of nuance between us that support Marxism Lenninism in the 21st century. Maybe it is because of a lack of information to side one way or the other. I think it is important for Americans of this tendancy to lean towards pushing the American armed forces to do less foreign intervention because we see how terrible the results are. I agree that a Russian victory would strike a blow against American imperialism. However Putin has done things that are not very cash money in the cause of Marxism Lenninism, like taking advantage and contributing to the undemocratic fall of the USSR, (among other things)

Did Putin contribute to the fall of the USSR? I feel like that’s blaming someone for sinking a ship when they didn’t turn up until after it had hit the bottom. Ownership of the nation’s assets had distributed to the people and then bought up and concentrated into the oligarchs long before he took over from Yeltsin.

Lenninism is icky yucky

Took way too long for this account to get banned…has been spouting anti-ML BS for a while now.


No u


What do you mean? Your personal feelings of disgust emerge from your surroundings. What in particular about what Lennin’s USSR grosses you out so much? He liberated the Russian people from the monarchs and turned the Russian country from a backward nation to a spacefaring nation fighting toe to toe with the most advanced capitalist country in a short time.

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