Intruder came in yelling “where’s Nancy!?” and hit Pelosi’s husband with a hammer. Agent 47 possibly? This shit is crazy, I know the Lenin quote about weeks and decades happening and shit, but holy cow this is too many weeks in a row, can someone full-on Minecraft Schumer or DeSantis next lmao

The attacker had him restrained but didn’t hit him until the cops showed up and tried to rescue him. Then he tried to kill him.

Sounds like a staged photo op, not any kind of attack.

No, when the police arrived the assailant was apparently body locked with the husband in a melee over the hammer. He managed to get a “lucky” swing in on the husband in front of the cops before being incapacitated.

Which brings up the question… what the hell was the intruder doing for the 15 minutes before the police arrived? Was an armed 42 year old man really held off and bested by a frail 82 year old that walks with a cane? For 15 minutes?

Not what I have read. Which is that the attacker planned to wait for Pelosi to come home. Who hates Pelosi most? Trump.

…Have we met? You sure it’s Trump?

How would that be possible? He was seen by several witnesses and tripped the alarm system when he broke in, so he knew that police were on their way. He probably realized really early on that Nancy wasn’t home, so what was the plan? He takes a hostage for several days and orders the cops to bring Pelosi to him???


I guess even in helping high profile politicians, the cops are useless and show up too late.

I wasn’t there but the SFPD says this happened:

In a news conference on Friday, San Francisco Police Chief William Scott said officers responded to a call at around 02:27 local time (09:27 GMT) in the city’s wealthy Pacific Heights neighbourhood.

They found Mr Pelosi and the suspect - named by police as David DePape - both struggling over a hammer, but it was wrestled from Mr Pelosi’s control by the suspect, who violently assaulted him with it.

The suspect was then tackled and disarmed by officers. He had attempted to tie up Mr Pelosi “until Nancy got home”, law enforcement sources told CBS News.

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