Operação de hoje da PRF foi traçada em reunião no Alvorada
Operação de hoje da PRF foi traçada em reunião no Alvorada

There is an ongoing attempt by Jair Bolsonaro to stop Brazilians from voting. The federal police is (illegally) stopping voters on their way to the voting places in regions where Lula won in the first round.

Northeast region is the region that got Lula most votes and is also the one with the greater number of police intervention happening right now.

Apparently this coup was planned by Bolsonaro and their team on November 19th.

I’ll update as soon as we have more info

Edit: sorry that the article is in portuguese. There aren’t any in english yet bc it’s all happening right now and we don’t have much info. Feel free to use google translator though

Edit2: Despite the fascist shitshow, Lula just won the voting. But we all know Bolsonaro and his minion wont be defeated only in elections. We still have a lot of fighting to do. This is an important victory that might buy us time, but we must not have any illusions on what it means.

Fucking fascists.

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