Hello everyone. I hope you have read my two previous posts regarding my findings about Xinjiang.



These, findings seem to contradict the claims of MSM regarding a key aspect about the narrative on Xinjiang.

But the key word is “seem”. I believe that my findings require more critical analysis and refinement, I am not an expert in these sorts of things, and particularly because one of my arguments in https://lemmygrad.ml/post/420432 looks like its leaning to the “Causation correlation” fallacy.

Also, this should get more traction in the Pro-PRC side because it is non-PRC evidence which contradicts claims of MSM.

KiG V2

Excellent detective work. It is the nitty gritty exposures like this that first convinced me the Uighur situation was not as everyone said.

As far as exposure…I would focus on circulating through ML spaces, but I imagine it will be incredibly difficult to circulate this outside of ML spaces. People don’t even have the attention span to read anything longer than a tweet, let alone “genocide denial.” Not saying don’t try! Just that it will be very difficult, I’d expect it to get taken down on most websites tbh.

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