is solving a rubiks cube still rare? i can do it in like 25 seconds, but my PB is 17s

Congrats! Beats my PB 19s

What method? I did F2L + 3LLL


I don’t remember most of the terminology haha because i learned like 4-5 years ago. But I do CFOP, which I believe includes F2L but uses a different method for the third layer. I learned 4-step orientation and permutation when I started CFOP, then started learning 2-step/advanced, but stopped short of 4-5 cases. I also use a few algorithms from the basic method, for orientation, so I do this weird hybrid thing lol. I don’t think I can ever get back to learning full, advanced CFOP because it’s just muscle memory now and I don’t remember any algorithms by heart. I’m starting to lose that muscle memory now too, even though I pretty much always have a cube in my hand to play with. if I ever get a summer off or something I’d love to practice a bit and maybe attend a tournament. have you ever been to one?

Noo I wish I went to a tournament though! Even if you can do sub60 you can compete in most. I’ve done tournaments for other activities though, I highly recommend you give it a shot

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