It’s not the OS I need, it’s all of the apps. Three apps for my banks are all Android, the app for my router is Android, the Logitech Media Server app is Android. Dozens of native apps, many of which aren’t on f-droid.

Maybe some of these will run older OS APIs, but will enough of them? How good is the Android app support on Sailfish? How do they get around apps depending on Play services?

Might not be a good fit. Android support is brilliant though I haven’t used it with banking apps. Not sure I would. For other apps that complained about play services I’d just installed micro g - when my phone dropped from a great height, now on stuck on android pending a 10 IV release and disliking google sticking their fingers into everything…

Cold Hotman

This is a cautionary tale about why buying equipment that depends on apps that depends on the good grace of a multi-billion, privacy-selling company isn’t a good idea.

Edit: Actually replying to the post

How do they get around apps depending on Play services?

It’s mostly lies.

In my personal experience of running “Play Service Dependent” apps downloaded from the google servers with gService built in, 90% of them works just fine without Play services. Even a lot of paid apps “Depending on Play Services” works great.

It’s mostly lies.

It’s just a few that needs GPlay Services, and I can’t remember one except the old Snapchat.

I have SailfishX on my phone, and use Android apps on it. I use the Aurora store, and microG emulation of Play services. Everthing works just fine, and not a single Google service in sight.

A good place to start is the channel of Rob Braxman. Got a lot of good tips by him.

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