This is what she said according to her twitter but she does seem to be heavily implying that radicalization is the way forward. This will hopefully radicalize more of her followers.


Too bad she closes with an Orwell like statement. But still, monumentally better than being a puppet of the ruling class.

But importantly is that she has awareness and puts this stuff into practice. That is almost more important than reading books, and it’s becoming difficult for any aware person to ignore the accomplishments of socialist projects. The mistake is really the assumption that socialism and communism has failed, when they are in fact barely starting to gain momentum. All those socialists of the 20th Century are nothing compared to the future. These right-wing figures hate “communism” for a reason, and that is because revolution spreads too quickly. One country turns socialist and all their neighbors get curious. The success of China pushing into the next few decades is undeniable.

I wouldn’t worry so much about an actual activist. As long as people continue to read, organize, and put into practice, there will always be socialist-sympathetic individuals.

To be fair, she might feel “forced” to say that so people won’t accuse her of being a communist or that she won’t be stalked by intelligence services.

Give her time.

KiG V2

I just hope that time does not involve her being slowly poisoned by all the ghouls surely trying to surround her and keep her contained in liberalism, or at least in anticommunist leftism.

Kanye went from hating George W. Bush to…this…and I’m sure the hotep shit started with someone in his circle of trust.

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