what’s good

  • amazing search engine (compared to other forums or even lemmy)
  • shortcuts based workflow
  • shows where you left off / what topics hasn’t viewed
  • badges, roles, groups
  • shows new and coming back users
  • auto highlighted stream of best posts in a topic
  • very well suited for long running topics
  • shows revisions of a post
  • “native” previews for internal links
  • OP can choose a “solution” post
  • extensive templates for FAQs
  • can setup a template for a thread (very helpful for newbies)
  • drafts of posts
  • extensive profile statistics
  • extensive thread statistics
  • backlinks to every post
  • statistics for clicked links

what’s bad

  • no mobile client
  • cannot delete your account
  • web version is slow

Is it impossible to delete your account?? Well that’s quite bad.

You can delete all the information and lock yourself out of it to make it inaccessible tho

I think discourse hubs is the mobile client though it’s pretty threadbare last I checked.

It’s so bad that I don’t really consider it as a client. What you can do more or less painless is dms, the rest is smoking pile

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