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Going by that argument, why is lemmy federated when most communities are specialized to a niché topic? Is there even a point to twitter, facebook, youtube etc. when every user could create their own website to share the same content?

I like everything in one place and being able to interact with everything from one account.

Specialized forum is very structured space while image boards are very free flowing. In a lot of forums you must read a lot of contextual information before writing even your first ask for help.

Single federated feed robs you from this context and people start skipping the rules or shitpost. With that in place old timers leave.

I answer support tickets at reddit and discourse regularly (for the same topic). It is day and night how much more knowledgeable and thoughtful people are at discourse. While at reddit people tend to insult each other for no reason and engage in holy wars under SUPPORT ticket.

On the other hand, promotional posts don’t work nearly as well at discourse compared to Reddit.

Tldr: people come to Reddit for curiousity filled entertainment while at discourse people come to help others and receive help.

I like everything in one place and being able to interact with everything from one account.

Yes, as I said before, single sign on (SSO) would be great at discourse as well

PS I would like discourse follow activitypub but I’m sceptical about federation

I suspect some of the hate on Reddit is simply due to size, though some might be about money - more users means more cash, whereas with self-hosted platform, there’s little cash incentive.

Another use of federation is notification - you can follow from Mastodon, and you’ll see posts come up in your feed, so there’s no requirement to continuously check or get an email notification.

The community I’m talking about amounts 10k+ users on discourse and 3,5k+ users on Reddit. I’m sure that size in this particular case isn’t the issue.

Once again, following activitypub is great in my book (for standardisation purposes) but having a federated feed with all the comments is detrimental for specialized forum imo. See the reasoning above your comment.

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