I was getting dressed to vote Blue to SAVE AMERICA today and suddenly as I put on my Biden tee and laced up my Buttigieg shoes and donned my Obama cap, I heard a loud zap sound in my ears and a bright flash! Someone yelled in Spanish outside my window whispering loudly saying “Zap him, now!” and I was SO close to spotting the assailant, and I searched to no avail. The Cuban trickster is gone and just like that I can’t vote today. I’m tired from not getting nearly enough sleepHavana Syndrome, I’ve lost all faith in American democracy and I feel like I need PTO and alcohol. Man, this is awful 😞! If anyone tells you that CIA agents are faking, lemme tell ya you can’t make this up. I felt so sick that I even took off my Buttigieg shoes, resigning myself to a day of rest and sleep. Oh I DO hope I can get better today and VOTE but the authoritarian Commie Regime decided to Silence me! Don’t let this happen to you too! [Pictured above👆,Me suffering from Havana Syndrome, Warning not for the faint of heart. /s]

I don’t know but I fucking hope so.

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