I installed this yesterday. It’s not great. 29% of all power used goes to it. It’s getting removed as we speak.

what? simplex does not falls back to sms.

First time I hear about it as well. As far as I know Simplex doesn’t use phone numbers (or any identifiers for that matter). It can be alternative for signal but it will not help if you need SMS app.


SimpleX do not use shit communication tool like sms. Why should it must use them since it is born to replace them?


@bkrl @kendbi because older people would use it instead of private messages on another app that they do not know how to use and configure. If you want to keep your privacy, you need that all of the people that contact you, do it through a secure app and channel.
With signal using the SMS and calls that would work for older people to just use one app to do it all.

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