I installed this yesterday. It’s not great. 29% of all power used goes to it. It’s getting removed as we speak.

I’m curious if the most up to date version, v4.2.1, has the battery consumption issue (or if there’s a configuration setting to change). Maybe it is just Android, not iOS, and curious about the differences.

The developers are very active and responsive, so I hope if the issue still exists it gets reported and the devs have the opportunity to fix it.


@Lynda I uninstalled the simplex like 1 month ago after noticing the battery drain issues. Maybe its solved now but I am using chomp and silence now!!! 2 different apps that I am not having battery issues right now.
Maybe it was my pixel and the version of graphene is that I had until last month, but the battery without intense usage lasted like 1 day (max). Now with this 2 apps running and doing the same as before my battery last 2 days no intense usage.

Glad chomp/silence has worked out for you. Btw…SimpleXChat is different by protecting your social graph and not needing to share your private profile ID to contacts (via one time use invite codes). Can also be used on iOS/Android and hoping one day a desktop app GUI (not just a console app). Also has audio, video, file transfers, and groups. If really into privacy, you can host your own server and/or use Tor. https://github.com/simplex-chat/simplex-chat#roadmap

What has really impressed me is how they are solving some of the industry problems (decentralization, privacy, metadata, etc); it’s not just another communication platform, it’s different.


@Lynda I agree. My only issue with simpleX was the battery drain problem. I will give it a try in the end of the year.
I did not use it that much because I just installed it and ran it… Sent the invitation to one of my contacts, he installed it and then we never could get in touch and he was not on my simplex contacts…
After he installs do I need to send a diferent code every time we need to talk?

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