I haven’t made a post regarding this in a while, so I guess I’ll make another to get an updated version of our thoughts.

When will the US fall? How do I help make it happen? Will it?

I’ve been thinking a little bit about the future of the United States and the world as a whole and believe that the U.S. must fall before it and the rest of the imperial core can make any meaningful systemic change (and the end to imperialism, brutal capitalist wars, and any potential solutions to climate change).

With that being a prerequisite for a socialist change and a better world, my question remains - how the fuck is that going to happen? When will it happen? Will it naturally collapse due to contradictions in capitalism? Or is there going to have to be hope of a socialist revolution? If it’s the latter, I have very little hope, assuming it requires the American populous to do it. Maybe when more people’s conditions worsen there will be a larger sense of revolutionary activity but with what I’ve been seeing around my area and online it is just status quo liberal “vooot” garbage that will lead us straight to destruction.

Our political actors and capitalist rulers seem hell-bent on destroying the world to keep their great lives while the rest of us wither away. Our ruling class is so powerful, what are we supposed to do? Is there any chance of a revolution? Do we have to hope and pray that Xi and other AES states will liberate us or just wait til the bombs start flying and the sea levels eat up Florida before we finally have a chance to boot this shit?

A lot of this might be just incoherent rambling, I don’t know. I’m stressed out so my apologies. Thanks for reading this far if you did.

Well, my opinion on this is that the US government has been so far really good at keeping revolutionary threats at bay, so any change must come from outside.

Consciously or not, you’re reproducing the “permanent revolution” Trotskyist thesis, but change can only happen from the inside. And the consequence of your self-defeating argument is that the Statesian communist movement should do nothing, just sit and observer hopelessly whatever their own bourgeoisie decides.

The most powerful weapon the proletariat of every country in the world is organization. And through a strong, resilient, encompassing organization, a revolution can be done. But it’s a slow process. For years the communist movement in the U.S. was falling behind, and in many respects it still is. But the only way out is organizing the workers through a revolutionary organization.

In the U.S., the most advanced party in this respect understanding is the PSL. If the coming convention of the CPUSA is able to change the political line of the party to a revolutionary instead of a reformist and opportunist as it currently is, perhaps they can also be a force for good (but that may be overly optimistic)

change can only happen from the inside

I think this is just the other dogma that opposes Trotsky. For revolution in a place like the US/core, there needs to be both external and internal historical processes because the imperialist system is not limited to the geographic core.

The internal process is mostly anti colonial resistance (which labor organizations have actually failed to consistently be a part of). The external process has to do with AES, multipolarity, and the return of Chinese civilization to a prominent position (also something labor organizations in the west have failed to consistently be apart of supporting).

I think change has to happen from the inside primarily. One aspect that’s powerful about China is that it’s quickly becoming an example to the world. Even libs and cons I’ve spoken to who “hate the govt not the people” think it’s one of the best run countries. This soft eminence of power that it exerts by doing nothing puts pressure on bourgeois democracy and economy to step it up, but they can’t. Their only way out for their bs economies is through war profiteering.

SIDE NOTE: I believe that this whole Ukraine proxy war is waged solely for profit. First push enemies so far that they wage a war on their borders, then you and your buddies sell weapons to your preferred side, then profit. Your “side” doesn’t even need to win! It’s a pretty good scheme.

But tbh America will end by fading away into irrelevance. I think it’s already started happening.

It’s clear to me, short of nuclear Holocaust, America cannot destroy the revolutionary struggle of the masses of the world, and the external pressure of climate change, and wealth inequality will lead to an opportunity and yes, it can be pushed along by the outside, but if it is too explicit and too forceful, it would risk delegitimizing this hypothetical revolution. It is a later stage of revolutionary struggle anyway. Highly desirable, but not necessary. First things first; get popular support.

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