I was researching Nicaragua and he noticed Daniel Ortega on my screen and said “when I lived in Nicaragua we weren’t allowed to talk about him” I said “he’s done good stuff for Nicaragua and he said “he’s corrupt and pays people to run against him and lose,” “he supports Russia pillaging Ukraine” “my American family member had more freedom than us, so we moved to the here,” then I annoyedly did a bunch of research to prove him wrong (and Wikipedia is a terrible source on it) then I didn’t have any time to tell him anything more. (Btw of course he’s white, white people only make up 17% of the Nicaraguan population) IDK if gusanos can be non-Cuban, but if they can then that he is.

TFW you meet a Latin American student at a US university who only knows 1 word in Spanish “from his nanny”.

And that word was “gusano”.

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