Free education -Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Vietnam

15% wage for rent - Soviet Union

Land Redistribution (Landback?) - Cuba, China, Soviet Union

Unions - Soviet Union, Cuba, China, Vietnam, DPRK

Free natural disaster reconstruction - DPRK

State of the art public transit - China

No electricity bill -Gaddafi Libya

No interest loans - Gaddafi Libya

On work site medical care - Soviet Union

Pre employment unemployment UBI - Gaddafi Libya

We can go on and on and on and on and on.

If one is an “anti tankie”, then it must follow that one must be against these kinds of policies.

Progressives and leftists DREAM of having these things. But they’re committed to being against the tankies.

They have yet to demonstrate how the masses are supposed to get these benefits by negotiating and appealing to the good graces of capitalists.

But they’re TERRIFIED at the prospect that the people.may do these exact things AT GUNPOINT. As if they know those guns are meant for them.

What about the authoritarian aspect of using state power?

deleted by creator

I want to make sure I understand your meaning…

“We will make sure people have a bed to sleep in and a full belly. And we will make sure UP TO using the gun to see that it happens.”

…Is that what you mean?

Because I would LOVE and I mean fucking. LOVE for my country to be downright draconian as the 10th circle of Hell to see to it that the people have all that they need.

Genuinely. Do you seriously have an issue with folks who want to hurt the common prosperity and welfare of the masses living a life of terror?

Can you walk us through what you mean? Because forcing the common prosperity and security of the masses at gun point is unironically the most moral and right thing to do.

Frankly. I seriously think these “socialists” who want to means test socialism should be put in prison.

deleted by creator

I guess I’m just more of a fan of going about it through the use of industrial unionization, rather than using state power and hoping that centralized power doesn’t corrupt those who wield it.

LoL. Aight, sib.

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