It is starting to reach freezing temps here and my bedroom is a nice and cozy 12 degrees C right now. My gf and I look like the grandparents in Charlie and the chocolate factory because we lay on the couch under blankets the whole evening. But my heating is still off.

I pay 66 euro’s a month right now but my energy supplier suggests upping it to 192 euro’s a month, or pay a 350 euro end bill. I choose the end bill in the hope that shit will calm down soon because the amount is doable right now. Several of my coworkers pay 2-4000 euro’s for their end bill though. Needless to say, they can’t afford it.

How about you guys? Got any tips to heat the house without turning the heating on?

Well guys Europeans, what can I say, for example, my salary is about 250 euros per month, of which I pay about 80 euros for utility bills for an apartment. The question of the ratio of salaries in your country. From Russia with love. So don’t cry! And every six months our prices are growing by 10-15%.

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