Most of LatAm is mestizo, with both European and indigenous heritage. This is not to say there are not issues with racism and oppression and other indigenous rights issues, but it’s not really 1:1 the same situation as anglo america, nor between the different regions/countries. I’m not really qualified to add much more though unfortunately


To add my 2 cents from the Mexican perspective (other latam countries might be somewhat similar but I’m not sure), the colonial modus operandi was different here. While the US wanted a white ethnostate and did all they could to exterminate the native population, Spain chose to enslave the native population instead and create a caste system. The tribes that resisted slavery were exterminated, though. After independence, slavery was abolished and all Mexicans were given the same rights. The early independent government (early 19th century) promoted mestizaje (race mixing) as a way of creating a homogeneous national identity. We are also taught in school that most of us are mestizo, in other words, a mix of Spanish and indigenous. For that reason, most Mexicans self-identify as mestizo. However, up to 21.5% of the Mexican population identifies as indigenous.

Up to date there have been very few reparations or affirmative actions for indigenous peoples. After centuries of colonialism and racism, most indigenous people are very poor and live in marginalized communities that have their resources constantly predated by the expansion of capitalism. Also, racism still exists and it’s very ugly. There are lots of issues really. Those are some of the reasons the EZLN stood up to fight. They also want proper political self-determination and representation.

There’s also a sizeable Afro-descendant community that was just recently recognized by the government.

So, it’s a different situation than that of the US. I won’t go as far as to say that today’s Mexico is a settler colony, but there’s a lot of work to be done to decolonize either way, to remove and correct the vestiges of colonialism and racism, and elevate indigenous people to the political and social level that they deserve.

Regarding the stolen northern territories, I don’t need to explain why the US takeover was terrible for the Mexican population there or why it was a blatant, unjustified act of imperial expansion that should be condemned to this day. Suffice to say that Texans killed and beheaded Mexicans for money under government orders.

I’m interested to know your opinion on the best path forward for Mexico. Decolonizing is a complicated process and I think it will look different everywhere it happens. Here in Hong Kong for example there has been very little race mixing, so decolonizing is mostly going to be in the form of legal and cultural reform, and I imagine much less complicated than for Mexico.

Well, for starters it would involve ratifying and complying with the San Andrés Accords that the government signed with the EZLN but hasn’t followed through to date. Giving indigenous peoples permanent/proportional political representation and congress seats both in their respective regions and in the federal level. Giving them proper self-determination, returning them their ancestral lands and respecting whether they want industrial resource exploitation in their communities or not. Teaching indigenous languages in school as second languages, maybe according to the region. Affirmative action to repair the poverty inherited from colonial slavery. And so on. I think the EZLN website is a lot more eloquent on this topic.

Alrighty, thanks for the input.

Im well aware it isn’t 1:1 though i feel it is important to understand all settler states and colonized nations tho. Seems LatAm will be a driving force in lessons of decolonization.

Wait, is there any great sources on South Africa fighting apartheid and paving ways for decolonization? Im aware as long as the white hegemonic Imperial Core stands, full on decolonization is impossible. I now realize I am historically ignorant of South African history, current even.

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