Again some people who carried LGBT flag were arrested during some football match as far as I know, I saw it on Telegram.

Also, again some laws on banning ‘‘LGBT pRoPaGaNdA’’ were signed by government and Putin I think, they won’t shut up about it. What is up with this?

Ghost of Faso

fun fact; homosexuality was completely normal in russia up until the monarchs the tsar was founded and they tried to westernize the country and introduced anti-homosexuality laws to try to appeal to the west more (they wanted to be more christian)

it worked and because of that the church in russia got really fucking rich and infulential, to the point that the ussr could not get rid of it and why it is still a prevelant force in maintaining russias stance on homophobia.

The Austrian royal councilor Sigismund von Herberstein described in his report Rerum Moscoviticarum Commentarii (Notes on Muscovite Affairs) his observations during his travels in Moscow in 1517 and 1526. He stated that homosexuality was prevalent among all social classes.[5][6] The English poet George Turberville who visited Moscow in 1568 when Ivan IV ruled Russia during a bloody phase, was not shocked by the carnage, but about the open homosexuality of the Russian peasants.[7] Adam Olearius also reported that homosexuality among men existed on all levels of society and was not treated as a crime.[8] There are also reports of homosexual relationships between women.

given that homophobia is newer than ‘lgbt ideology’ which seems to just have been a naturally occuring thing till christians pissed on everyones morality it does make russias stance on this cringe, because it is a christian take for the most part and christianty is cringe as hell.

christ = the west so at the end of the day it is the enternal anglos fault

homosexuality was completely normal in russia up until the monarchs at the time tried to westernize the country

I’m going to need some sources on that, comrade

the names of the people I sourced are in my quote feel free to look em up.

it was an observation a lot of people made while visiting pre-monarch russia.

XVI century is hardly “pre-monarchy”

Ghost of Faso

pre-monarchy for russia, not for europe.

Ivan the IV was the second ruler after Russia established a monarchy, the reforms against homosexuality began to creep in with the monarchs adherence to christian doctrine. (this regression on homosexuality actually happened in a lot of places cause of the same thing)

edit: I was mistaken on this meant the tsar not monarchy

Okay I feel a miscommunication here. If Ivan IV was the second ruler after monarchy, what does the IV in his name stand for, in your opinion?

Ghost of Faso

ah yeah i got mixed up with the tsardom/vs traditional monarchy they had.

I meant the tsar, Ivan was the first person to establish this

I should clarify I really dont know Russian feudal history all that well; ive just looked into this before and seen that homosexuality was a common practice up untill about the 1500’s

That’s interesting, I didn’t know about any of that, thanks for the info

Capitalism and religion really ruins everything

yeah the russian orthodox church is really the root of all the bullshit reactionary stuff under the surface of russian culture, it sucks.

even when stalin/lenin tried to go against it and legalize homosexuality/abortion there just was not the public support to maintain these policies due to the churchs infulence

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