Feels like all of it. The calls to resign seem like blatant propaganda when we had covid lock down protests in the UK and Germany and they ended up being marches of Neonazis and transphobes and other fringe right wing nut jobs. When Chinese people do it (also the scale is completely unknown) they are justified against an authoritarian regime. The hypocrisy…

When the BBC report on the social media discourse as well, it feels like they are reporting on CIA backed misinformation campaigns. How much of the online discourse stirring up Xi sentiment is actually misinfo being reported to the west as a broad public sentiment. I reckon its a lot.

If you read this shit with a critical eye towards British and western economic and military interests it feels plain to see. But for the average idiot lib they read this and think, ‘wow omg China is so authoritarian, the poor people there have no freedom and they cry out for support’. But what do you expect…

you got that !! we only have two kind of media “The sounding board of liberalism”or“useless Policy repeater ”.they are so stupid Chen Wei Hua have to fight alone

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