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A family member just got in a motobike accident last week. Situation was so much messed up, having to suture a lot of wounds on the head and cast a broken wrist. This is gonna be a huge blow to us financially since my family has no insurance.

Those memes about US healthcare hits home because we dont have health insurance since dad quitted his old job years ago. I’ve practically been shafted since he got resigned a Japanese cement company after getting an unfavorable, insulting reassignment after faithfully serving for almost three decades, only to be rewarded like this. He had a burning hatred for Japanese work culture as a result, and little did he know, it planted the first seeds of radicalization towards being an actual communist from an immature who thinks the Soviet anthem is funny and coping with communist memes to cope with a toxic environment in a Christian school during junior high, with the developing of hatred toward foreign powers in general.

Duterte then became president and the actual change began. I went from naive lib who expected him to fullfill some wehraboo-esque anti-China fantasies to understanding why Duterte wants to work with China. And I saw the memes about American war crimes and the rise of the alt-right fascists there, and seeing the news about how the US is tattered in pieces and discovering more atrocities they committed as I studied history. I was already a baby leftist at that point who got misguided in a leftypol server crawling with groypers and femboys.

In short, I became a Marxist because I’m tierd of being fucked over in an illegally occupied puppet state. A lot of American kids think its edgy to be a Marxist, or became one because their gender identity got spat on by fascists. Find my bootstraps? You have to kill like its fucking Squid Game to get them bootstraps in US-occupied Philippines. Had I been born in China, I could have actually pursued my dreams there, I know I could get a job there to serve the Motherland rather than engaging in some Darwinian competition only to be sold like prostitutes to assholes for employers like fucking Qatar.

I’m in my 20s, out of school in the meantime because uni practically rejected me, recommend any ML orgs in the Philippines not affiliated with the CPP-NPA, preferably favorable to Moscow and Beijing. Also I’m not in Manila, I’m in the bumfuck of nowhere,… really needed to get out of the screen and actually join actual civic activity for once.

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