When the revolution happens do you think it will Marxist-Leninist, because it will have become more popular as it can prescribe a new socialism for our material conditions, or more Anarchistic in character, because of the individualistic ideology of the west?

Edit: thanks everyone for your responses, answering my questions and more.

Wait, what’s wrong with Anarchism and Democratic Socialists?

I’ve broken down Anarchism in another comment in this thread. As for the demsocs, they aspire towards integrating themselves with the bourgeois political establishment. In essence, they will only repeat the mistakes of social democratic parties abroad by forming something analogous to the British Labour party; a political organ of the establishment whose development corrals and contains the British labour movement, suppressing an otherwise radical leadership of the working class from emerging.

A workers democracy cannot be achieved through engaging in a bourgeois political system whose form serves only to perpetuate bourgeois class rule. History has repeatedly shown us that this strategy never works and rapidly degraded the political vehicle the workers pin their hopes on into a form of workfare for opportunistic charlatans. Be it the SPD in Germany or Labour in Britain, the development of mass political parties focussed only on electoral success has inevitably resulted in these organisations betraying the working class to become junior partners with the capitalists. I could talk at length about the various ways in which building socialism through engagement with bourgeois democracy is impossible, complete with historical examples dating back to at least the foundation of British Labour by the Labour Representation Committee of 1900.

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