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the PSTU party from Brazil is supporting China’s protests against the lockdown, so we can already have confirmation that these protests are being exaggerated by the western in yet another chapter of the hybrid war against china, and still repeating the same proposal when did the first lockdowns start in china For those who don’t know, this party is infamous for supporting extreme US policy coups and every time they always fall into American propaganda, the most famous case is when they support the coup in Ukraine in 2014

The protests in Shanghai and Beijing were also within a 1km distance of the US embassies lol, they even resorted to paying people $100-200 USD to pick up signs and attend the protests in some cases.

One protester even said “be careful, there are foreign elements trying to take advantage of this” and immediately was pushed away by said foreign elements lmao.

Lol whut, where did you see that?

From this guy lol (he previously also exposed certain immigration companies paying overseas diaspora channels to spread ‘China bad’ ideology to people within the mainland to entice them to immigrate), it’s all in Chinese though unfortunately.

I should really resume learning Chinese D:

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