I would like to make a community dedicated to posting interesting science questions that have been asked and answered in other sites.

The post would be a copy of the question and the comments would be copies of the answers that were found to be interesting - always with the username attribution and the link to the original post.

With this format, users would not need to leave the site, and it is easy to discuss the answers directly in the comments.

But I have my doubts about whether this is appropriate, as I think that it might be copyright infringement.

So, what do people in Lemmy think? Would this format be blatant theft and wrong? Perfectly reasonable? Somewhere in between?

A substantial percentage of Reddit content is lifted directly from TikTok, YouTube, 4chan, even Tinder. Not to mention the vast amount of content lifted from news websites.

Legal or not, Reddit has no moral leg to stand on.

That said, while not as bad as, say, YouTube, they’re known to break their public API regularly, making it a headache to maintain third party apps.

From the Lemmy side, it depends on your server maintainer, but I can’t imagine there are many who would be concerned about the ethics as long as you’re attributing properly. And many optionally DGAF even if you don’t.

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