If I had a dollar for every liberal who has accused me or some other ML of “whataboutism” concerning the Uighur “genocide” or Russia’s “aggression” in Ukraine, I’d be a rich woman. I suspect many of you have had similar experiences.

Libs love this quick jab of a response because it’s technically a sound argument. Saying something to the effect of “America is worse” doesn’t automatically imply the opposition, be they the CPC or whoever else, is completely innocent of whatever crime they’re accused of committing.

But liberals completely miss the point of this argument, deliberately or not. Put simply, “America bad” arguments are about casting doubt on the legitimacy of the organizations peddling these lies. Knowing that the Western media conditionally reports and condemns war and genocide proves they have ulterior motives in doing so. This is how we can be certain consent is being manufactured for a new cold war. It forces people to wonder if they’ve swallowed malicious propaganda.

Liberals get angry when you take their sources from them, and crying “whataboutism” is a weak parry we can just charge through. Don’t get psyched out by it. When every “credible” source spews malignant falsehoods about AES states, we need to challenge those sources. It’s faster and easier than debunking these lies piecemeal, and has the advantage of operating beyond the scope of liberal thought.

You’re not arguing fallaciously when you draw attention to the blinding hypocrisy of the American empire. Create distrust of the Western propaganda machine at all costs. This is important work, and we’re the only ones doing it.

First of all, I hate the word. It’s just one of the types of ad hominem (which, itself, is a type of ignoratio elenchi). STOP COMING UP WITH UNNECESSARY WORDS, PEOPLE!

Libs shouting “WHATABOUTISM” about war in Ukraine is pretty funny, because it’s usually their response to questions like “where are sanctions on the US at though?”. So, they automatically admit their hypocrisy when demonizing nations for the same things they defend the imperialist core for. Also, since I know SMO is justified, I never used it as a defence of Russia - only as an attempt to make them see that hypocrisy. Silly me, they found ways to cope. EU libs, for example, just go like “hey, USA is our ally, it’s not our job to sanction them”…admitting that Putin is right about the world order not being built on any law, but on rules that only work for those who’re part of the club.

Uighur “genocide” is a very simple one, as far as I’m concerned. Can you provide any evidence? No? Only that UN tissue paper written after their representative went to China, found nothing of the sort and got fired for saying so? That’s too bad. Come back when you have any better basis for accusing a nation of genocide than sinophobia.

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