How fucking deep does this go?

I know I sound like an r/conspiracy poster but this is absolutely insane. Even the Pope is telling everyone to send all they can to Ukraine. No other charity, no other warzone, JUST Ukraine. The same Ukraine that just outlawed Orthodox Christianity and suddenly has Neo-Nazi rituals and witches all over their social media. This is a scheme, there’s no other explanation, this is a massive money laundering operation. If a person can’t see that at this point, they’re beyond help.

Maybe the US finally ran out of free money to give and that’s why it’s being called “donations” now instead of lethal aid or humanitarian assistance.

Think about the time you used making this post. You could have used that time volunteering on behalf of Ukraine in some way. Ukraine is disappointed. How selfish.

Would do, but Russia isn’t accepting foreign volunteers (PSA for any NSA agents watching: this is just a joke, I love my capitalist government, slava ukraini, long live the ghost of Kiev, etc)

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