You voted for Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos by buying and using his products for decades. Even if you use a Mac, or Linux, or BSD, most of the world’s businesses run Windows, and the vast majority use Azure or AWS, and nearly everyone in a First World country shops on Amazon.

I suspect Gates is at G20 not directly because of Microsoft, but because he’s a self-styled philathropist, using his ill-gotten gains to buy himself some moral redemption at the end of his life. He’s probably there as the face of Charities.

Focusing on individual solutions while ignoring systemic problems is a liberal fallacy. People act in a way that makes sense for them to act given the systemic pressures they’re exposed to. Most people living in a capitalist society will use Windows and buy from Amazon because that’s what the norm is, and it’s what’s most convenient. This is thermodynamics at work, people follow the path of least resistance because it takes less effort to do so.

Real change can only be achieved when the entire liberal/capitalist system is overthrown and replaced by a system that encourages different behaviors.

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