For the Friends of Socialist China, a Very Bad Week
December 10, 2022 By Stephen Gowans It has been a tough week for the star-gazers who run a platform called Friends of Socialist China, a motley collection of Sinophiles and pretend-Marxists who sup…
Ghost of Faso

I wish people on the ultra-left would understand its not that we love deng, its more we love Xi and recongise Deng was the route to him.

I am looking forward to when we hear about Xi-ism as a prevelant ideology in the same way Mao/Deng periods are considered because I think the CPC under his leadership are bringing China far more to the left and most importantly realizing Maos revolutions vision in a modern context.

I wish people on the ultra-left would understand its not that we love deng

Or that we “love” anyone. We’re just capable of putting things in historical context and understanding the pros and cons of their actions

Yes, Deng reforms could be viewed very ambiguously. Imagine if after Deng came people like Gorbachev and Yeltsin instead of Jiang, Hu and Xi, we would now be speaking the exact points that maoists are, but it would be true.

As i chose to view it, is that Deng did a huge leap of trust in the future generations, and they, especially Xi, did not betrayed that trust.

Deng did actually purge some politicians who wanted to go the full Gorbachev route, didn’t he?

Yeah, also ultraleftists too iirc.

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