I tried to find them, but when posting or replying there is no emoji button (like for Example in Mastodon).

Is there a reason for that? Or has just nobody implemented emojis yet?

Lemmy does have an emoji picker in the web interface. To access it just type a space and a colon ( :) while editing a comment, and then begin typing the name of your desired emoji. Like this:


unfortunately there is currently a bug in it (at least here in tor browser) which causes the menu to appear near the top of the page when replying to comments far enough down the page that it is necessary to scroll, so, it is easy to miss. but it does work, though it is sometimes necessary to scroll up to see it. cc @nutomic@fedibb.ml @dessalines@lemmy.ml in case you guys haven’t noticed this bug.

Could you open an issue for this please?

Arthur Besse

sorry to say i don’t have a github account associated with this pseudonym and am too lazy to make one right now.


If you could open an issue on lemmy ui, I can get to it at some point. I’ve been working on jerboa, the android app over the holidays mainly though.

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