Given the success of missiles and drones, that the area I would expect Russia to further invest in. Currently, the west has no real counter to that.

I agree about missiles, but I second what comrade Shrike said about drones. You know how some generals all over Europe were weird about tanks on the verge of WWII? Some shit like this happened with drones and some of our generals, and, unfortunately, someone in the MoD listened to them. There would be no need to start buying thousands of dirt cheap Iranian ones in the middle of a war otherwise. This is being fixed with loitering munitions right now, because you don’t argue with results and Shaheds Gerans are very easy to mass produce due to simple design, tipping my hat to Iranian engineers, but NATO is far ahead when it comes to UCAV’s and recon drones. I guess, good news here is that UCAV’s don’t fair any better against air defence systems then aircraft does as Bayraktars have shown and Russia is no Armenia nor is it Iraq in terms of air defence, but situation with recon drones is pretty fucked right now. That is being worked on too, but there is nothing like Global Hawk in sight.

Oh, I definitely agree that Russia underestimated the value of drones previously.

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