Russia's CPU Substitution Plan Hits a Snag
Russian PC makers cannot get Russian CPUs from TSMC, other foundries.

tl;dr: Intel and AMD are not selling their processors to Russia, and processors from Russian companies cannot be manufactured as Taiwan is banning TSMC from doing so, while Russia can only produce chips up to a 90 nm process.


2005 makes me think of the first dual cores. They were simply great for anything, from cad to games, enough for any user with some kind of functional brain. Nobody really needs 8k displays on 6" to see shitty series and we won’t go anywhere in the space thanks to chipsets, probably some other technology will be much more useful. I was also surprised by longsoon risc-v CPU, they will be more than enough for consumers. And regarding military equipment, start thinking of a society without military ‘departments’

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