Along with Palestinian territories, there are still tens of islands over the North and South America and Caribbean, Pacific, Oceania etc and even a few cities and territories in Africa that are still in possession of the European colonialists that haven’t been returned to their countries or gotten independence like Barbados did recently. Northern Ireland, British overseas islands, Falklands and Gibraltar come to my mind first, then Spanish islands, Ceuta and Melilla, Netherlands islands and Greenland, Hawaii and Puerto Rico etc.

These need to be freed from the colonialization, Palestine needs it’s land back from the zionists, Ireland needs to unite, Falklands need to be returned to Argentina, Ceuta and Melilla need to be returned to Morocco along with islands close to the bank of Atlantic, Greenland, Hawaii and Puerto Rico need independence along with majority of other islands overseas!

Does anyone know when and how will any of this happen and colonization be over once and for all?

It’s sad how true that is because I didn’t know anything of what you just told (only knew that morocco was occupying the western sahara but no more).

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