I’d say it already has but first off what do we mean by World War 3? A total nuclear annihilation? Probably not. Waves of events that would in the annals of history be seen as a period of a World War? Yes.

Now let’s see what WW1 was: An inter-imperialist war. WW2? Imperialist war against the USSR and different colonies such as Manchuria, and Korea (among others), but which happened to have blow back towards the Anglos. WW3? Well I’d say the “Cold War” was WW3 but it had a new form of war, that is a battle of attrition and proxies (even if they are justified support of liberation movements, in all intensive purposes they are proxies with a neutral connotation). It only stopped when the USSR caved in thus achieving the purpose of war, to accomplish political ends. Even after that during “peacetime” the US has been murdering and raping the world, especially West Asia and those who oppose it. What was the “War on Terror” but another front?

What are we in now? Again Imperialism’s war against those who resist it. The RF is under no impression that Ukraine is a failed state propped up by Washington, and now the military is ran by NATO. This is a direct confrontation with NATO so why haven’t the nukes started flying yet? There’s been false flag attempts like with Poland’s border that could have been used, and the Pentagon knows it’s losing big time, so why not? Simply, there’s better options for those in power than nuclear annihilation. It’s a dead man’s switch to prevent total military take over, not useful for the attacker, unless it has no other choice. Thankfully for humanity there’s multiple ways for this to go about.

Imperialism is being threatened but where does it go? We have seen the US oligarchs regroup and take over the European industries for their own. Swallowing the vassals. As Imperialism loses its grip further, where can it go? Nuclear Annihilation? Well, why send the nukes when there’s other parts of your own territory to exploit. Instead of a glorious blast destroying the fall of humanity it will be an inner crumbling pushed back more and more. Are you worried about a fascist coup? I wouldn’t be completely, if the US is at that point of destabilization than international intervention is possible, plus there could be a government put in place that aligns with the ideology of the Successor.

Now with Japan and South Korea? China and DPRK’s Ukraine, trying to defang or provoke further escalation. Most likely will end up with Korean unification and more money for the MIC. Remember, Russia and China have the advantage in the case of Nuclear war, they also are the defenders with the dead man switch, They also have time on their side.

Sorry about this, mostly me trying to vent or remind myself that it will all be-mostly-okay (I get really existential about Nuclear Annihilation, as one does lol)

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