¡Feliz Día de la Victoria (Cuba)!, and Welcome Comrades to the Discussion Thread of Juche 112! Please sit down and take a Bandera de la Estrella Solitaria, Bandera de La Demajagua, or Bandera del Movimiento 26 de Julio (Cuban Flag, Cuban Jack, or Flag of the July 26th Movement) when you enter, as we meet in this new year for our time honored traditon of the weekly discussion thread.

¡Viva Cuba! ¡Viva la Revolución! May you all have a good Juche 112!

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So our party has several locations throughout the country where people can go to for free medical care. Stuff like doctor check ups, prescriptions, minor treatment etc. The party decided to also have this org as a place where people can come to for help with their energy bills.

I decided that, since I already guide indebted people, I should volunteer at a location nearby. The stories you hear over there are so sad. Today I had a woman that had her energy bill go 5x in a few months and she can’t pay it. I called the customer care for her energy company and the advice I got was insane. They couldn’t lower it without her facing a 3.5k end bill that has to be paid in 12 parts max. That’s still 300+ extra monthly, on top of an already increased energy bill. Their other advice was, and I kid you not, to read THEIR FUCKING BLOG WITH 90 FUCKING TIPS ON HOW TO SAVE ENERGY. MADAM HAVE YOU CONSIDERED SAVING ENERGY???

It was a total fucking joke and if the guy on the phone was in the room with us I swear I would’ve beaten him. It’s a disgrace.

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