Recently I saw that quite a few accounts became inactive as they are not posting in any subs for days/weeks, like Comrade Rose disappeared suddenly, including Ratto and Aru, what happened to them?

Then I also remembered Grace, Environmental Data(if I’m not mistaken) and Stalin’s spoon from reddit, they and others disappeared for a while.

What happened to yall?

I feel like discord (and other similar platforms) is so bad for people lol. I went a really long time without using it and eventually gave in and joined when genzedong got quarantined and damn is there a whole lot of ridiculous drama/power tripping/people taking things way too seriously.

(old man voice) When I was younger I would hang out in IRC channels and the exact same stuff would happen. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in your little internet umwelt and turn into a terminally online weirdo. It sounds trite but sometimes people really do need to just go touch some damn grass

Bruh discord is something else. For me, when I was younger, I was only in YouTube, Viber groups with friends from school and Google+.

I wouldn’t mind people being weird on Discord if they at least were doing something with their lives in regards to communism. As it is, seeing people create server after server and manage it like their fiefdom and then claim to be communists when they’ve stopped reading after like 3 books and have never looked into joining any of their communist parties… I can’t take this type of person seriously lol.

And also talking to other communists would keep you grounded and not a weird power-tripping mod.

I say that as someone who is breaking away from my party lol, sue me. I was with them for several years and after I had to take a break to focus on my work for a while, none of them ever reached out to me. Felt like I never really knew them and tbh we’re super small and there’s other managerial issues in this party.

yea a lot of left wing servers I’m in are just people sending commie memes at each other and that’s it

I’m specifically only staying on smaller private servers these days.

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