The governing structures of the United States seem to be on the verge of some sort of national nervous breakdown. The symptoms are in our face. The

Something which makes me not stress about the Nuclear weapons reserve is this: If the country is at that point of collapse then it would be safe enough for international intervention to swoop in.

That would be an operation of insane magnitude, especially as US reserves are spread out thin across the US, and world itself, as the strategic bomber force and nuclear submarine fleets also control a large amount of warheads.

Along with the fact that the location of many launch sites and the true location of warheads is secret. Not to mention the fact that the entire point of SSBN submarines is that they can operate in secrecy and without resupply for an extremely long time while lying in wait or changing positions.

Good point, but I assume the militaries who would intervene know more about the locations than we would as laymen. Also no operation is too big if it means preventing nuclear annihilation.

And if it’s inevitable that we would die in a nuclear holocaust then what’s the point in worrying about it if our years are numbered?

You and I have different definitions of “safe”

well safer i guess lol

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