Warning: Long Post Ahead.

Only, it happened in the Western World/Global North; and the Zombie Apocalypse wasn’t anything portrayed in the media.

Why do I say this? Well:

  • Most Global Northerners STILL make Soviet/Communist references whenever Russia is brought up; despite the fact that the USSR was forcibly put out of existence against the will of the people. In addition, Modern Russia is NOTHING like the good 'ol Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
  • Seriously, try looking up videos (or any media for the matter) about Russia in YouTube and tell me if you could find ONE MAJOR VIDEO ABOUT RUSSIA without Soviet/Communist references. Even on Odysee (I only go there for RT, fuck that reactionary hellhole) of all sites, there was a HammSick and USSR written on the thumbnail of the remix of the Russian Anthem.

  • Despite the Government of China’s preference to be called “CPC/Communist Party of China”, most people, even the so-called "A"politicals say CCP instead. And these type of people then go on and scorn anyone that call the Government of China by its preferred name (CPC).

  • People still go on regurgitating the same old crap about the Tiannmen Square Massacre and the Tank Man picture despite the release of the full footage surrounding Tank Man in question.

  • Because of a well-spreaded lie about Chairman Xi banning Winnie the Pooh in China over memes comparing him to Winnie. And thus started an endless supply of Chairman Xi being molded with the Pooh Bear. It honestly just feels like a racist caricature at this point. A modern day minstrelism, if you ask me.

  • There was a time when most people on the internet denounced HISSrael. Now? People have to ask when or if it’s okay to criticize or be against HISSrael, because “If you’re Anti-Zionist/criticize or denounce the Apartheidist State of HISSrael in any way shape or form, you’re an Anti-Semite!”. And people just buys this shit, no questions asked.

  • People just believe - without question - bile spreaded around as “factual news” about China and the DPRK. And now Russia as well.
  • Exhibit A: Western Media spreaded outrageous lies about the SMO, claiming Russian Military SA’d Ukrainian Women and that Russia was making a special form of Viagra just so the Russian Army could keep SA-ing Ukrainian Women. I don’t like Russia for its constant, unnecessary dunkings on LGBT+ people; but even then I think this type of smearing was uncalled for.
  • Even where I live, people outright believe Western-baked lies about the DPRK and the so-called Uyghur “Genocide”; and then turn around, hue, scream and cry about “WESTERN CULTURE IS INVADING THIS COUNTRY!!!” whenever as much as the concept of LGBT+ is even slightly mentioned, or whenever Women ask for more rights or wear and do as they so please. (Even my peers bashed people calling for women to be able to wear as they please without being harassed, what the fuck!?!!)

  • Before 2022, barely anyone heard about Ukraine and those that did bashed it for being a corrupt, pedophilic hellhole. Now? All of a sudden everyone and their mother are showering Ukraine, especially Elenskyy with so, SO MUCH undeserved love; acting as if he’s Jesus 2. In reality, Elenskyy’s the world’s most spoiled child I’ve ever seen in my whole life, my god. He’s already eating up everything the US offers (which is enough to solve its own Domestic Issues BTW!) and yet it’s still “not enough” for him.

So, yeah. These are why I’ve been thinking for a while now if a Zombie Apocalypse has happened right under our noses; because OH MY GOD HOW CAN PEOPLE BE THIS OUTRAGEOUSLY STUPID?! I honestly feel tempted to call the average Liberal a Zombie these days.

EDIT: And if you’re wondering, “well if they’re zombies, then what do they eat? surely not brains as they’re still humans like us, right?” Answer: Anything the Mainstream Media or the Demonocrats (Government Body of the USA - including the CIA and Feds, not just the Democrats) says. No. Questions. Asked. Just like your typical zombies who will eat any brain they find, without wondering if it’s a “good-quality brain”.

I’m posting this in c/GenZedong instead of - I guess, c/MentalHealth or c/Comradeship because, although I’m kind of pissed from being surrounded by reactionaries and hearing liberal lies all the time, the post involves less personal problems and more political issues.

Also, was there ever a venting community in Lemmygrad? Or was it just c/MentalHealth all this time?

they look pretty similar already

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