This year’s New Year edition of Der Spiegel features an interesting piece titled, “Was Marx right after all?” Full of astute observations about the state of capitalism, it’s a piece symptomatic of the anxiety of the ruling class.

An especially good piece for new comrades.

Make no mistake, our corporate Big Brothers have read Das Kapital. They just think they can game the system described in it forever.

Exactly, capitalists understand Marxism very well and they use this knowledge to their benefit while telling the rest of the population to discard it.

Its so true. I was taught in school that the Koch Brothers use marxian thinking lol

Warren Buffett credited his knowledge and wealth to reading Karl Marx, as well.

Imagine reading Marx and instead of thinking “Yes, that’s good, we must end exploitation for the prosperity of all” you decide to become one of the biggest swindlers in history

Its extremely sociopathic and evil.

Speaking of people using knowledge of Marxism to swindle, I recently came across an article about a FBI lead Maoist sect in the CPUSA in the 60s and 70s that really fucked things up. They were called the Ad Hoc Committee.

Here’s the article.

Get a load of this bastard:

As hyper-radical as the AHC came across, the force behind the program was an FBI Special Agent named Herbert K. Stallings. Stallings, in an internal FBI memo, is described as an “agent of high intelligence and tremendous imagination” whose “knowledge of Marxism-Leninism is broad and outstanding” (SAC Chicago, To FBI Director 1/22/1964). Under Stallings’s tutelage the Ad Hoc program continued for fifteen years, targeting not only the CPUSA, but the emergent New Left.

The feds’ handiwork:

Party members have resigned or stopped attending meetings or have joined left wing caucuses. The number in this category is unknown; however, there are six in a caucus headed by [REDACTED] out of the Railroad Club [Party Unit or Cell] alone… We feel that the total loss to the CP in expulsions, resignations, and those boycotting meetings could number approximately 25. (Freyman file 1/22/1964)

Wow an actual villain if I ever saw one

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